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Cat Condo
Kayle Pauline
Great quality and customer service

I bought this as a xmas gift for my kitties and when I put it together I noticed a piece was missing. Even though it was 6 weeks after I bought it, the company's customer service was amazing and shipped out the missing piece within a few days. My babies absolutely love this house (especially my 20 lb boy who lounges on top all day). So far there are no signs of sinking or bending under his weight. I cut up some old corrugated cardboard scratchers to put inside and on top and its absolutely perfect. 10000% will shop again.

A Loved Place to Nap

Elsa LOVES this pretty house and it's stopped her from sleeping on the chairs, thus reducing excess hair cleaning duties.

Cat Castle
Easy to set up and very stable!

The cardboard was easy to fold and I was done putting Castle Fluffington together in about 20mins.
Still holding up after 2 weeks. I recommend making shallow cuts on where the pieces intercept and gluing them down if your cats are prone to pushing on the sides when laying down.
Both of my cats love it!

Really fun!

So far my cats and bunny have enjoyed exploring this ship! I can’t leave with bunny or she’d chew up quickly but it gives her some extra stimulation and play.

My big cats loved it

I was a little worried as some reviews mentioned that it was too small. I have a mix of all sized cats and can confirm that a 15 pound cat can and did sleep inside all day and the roof handled several strong jumps from a 12 pounder. The double roof panels really add support. The cats rotated through and on this all day. It may have been helped by the included cat nip. All I can say is this is the only toy I have bought that every single one of them enjoys. The only problem is which to buy next!

Kitty Pirate Ship
Elijah Peck
Terrific Design!

My kitty Squirtle absolutely loves her new pirate ship. The double-layered top deck is quite sturdy and we couldn’t be happier with the adorable design. Thanks for the early Christmas present for my sweet girl!


The pirate ship was easy to put together and it’s very sturdy, no problem holding my big boy Diesel. Included catnip was perfect and added to Diesel’s curiosity, he started checking it out right away, sticking his head inside and then climbing on top. He was pleased! Great design and very well made, customization looks great. Will buy another design in the future!

Happy Girl

My Willow absolutely loves her new cardboard puzzle feeder… she does exactly what they advertise. And they also send along a special treat for the fur babies. Will definitely make another purchase

Taj Mahal Cat House
Pauline Bild
cute but takes too much work

I really liked the idea of this but I didn't realize I had to cut out all the windows. kind of a pain.
ended up not cutting all the windows out. but my cat likes it.

Hi Pauline, that is 100% OUR MISTAKE! We had an error with the design that caused our windows to not be fully cut out and etched instead. That's been resolved, in part thanks to your feedback. We're really sorry you had to go through that poor assembly experience, and thank you so much for sharing your struggles. We've reached out privately via email to help make this right..

Kitty Haunted House
Samantha Elliott
Haunted Cat House

This thing is adorable! It was easy put together, and is beyond cute. Even came with a pack of nip. Hope my kitty gets used to it. I Love It! Buy one, you won't regret it.

Kitty Pirate Ship
Cheri Hood

Easy to put together and so much fun to watch the kitties playing. We have many kitties and it's holding up gloriously.

Kitty House
Rtama (Lina cat)
Great alternative to lap

Kitty house: Fairly easy to construct without guidance, though some bending is necessary (at least for me). Plenty sturdy for Lina to chill in when I need to get some work done and cant have a cat on my lap.

Purrites of the Catibbean

Our cats are obsessed with this ship! It’s sturdy and easy to put together, and so much fun for two cats to play with. We highly recommend.

Cat Castle
Momo & Appa Llodrat-Wang
Best Cardboard Cat Castle

We have bought many cardboard cat homes over the past year for Momo & Appa but this one is by far our favorite. Here are a few things we love about cardboard cat homes:
-easy and fun to assemble (no tools or tape needed)
-free catnip included with every order
-Eco-Friendly (made from 100% recyclable cardboard)
-no harmful dyes were used to color the cardboard
-made in the U.S.A - Walnut Creek, CA (you won’t have to deal with any delays due to overseas shipping or item backlogs to get your cat a cardboard home for the holidays)
-free shipping within the contiguous United States

We definitely recommend these cat homes to all kitties and humans looking to find quality cat homes.

Whale Cat Scratcher
Not much interest

My cats have not shown much interest in this scratcher, not sure why. Only exception was when I sprinkled the catnip on it, but not for very long

Instant skirmish

Both my boys were very interested right off the bat— before I’d even finished assembling it— there even seems to be a bone of contention of who’s captain of this particular ship. It’s easy to assemble, and seems to be holding up to both a 15 and a 13 lb cat playing on it at the same time, though the upper deck is already a bit bendy (didn’t help that 15 climbed on top while I was still fitting in the tabs on the last piece. I would feel better if the horizontal cardboard pieces were twice as thick, especially as 15 may just wind up closer to 25 lb before he’s fully grown. The catnip ah bed the cardboard circle balls were quite the hit as well

Cat Castle
Matthew Clough-Medora
Great product

Great product! Cats love it. Very sturdy. Friendly customer service. Will absolutely be purchasing more products

Cat Castle
Brigitte Houston
Not as sturdy as expected

The castle is more like a cottage. The entrance is too small for an adult cat. The cardboard isn’t strong enough for my cat to lay on it. I’m sorry to say, my kitties have more fun with an Amazon box.

Hi there,

Thank you so much for the review! We are always tweaking our designs based on feedback like yours. In response to the sturdiness, we actually recently rolled out a new design where we fortified the roof with two layers of cardboard so that it's extra robust even for the bigger cats. We did this with other designs, too, including the Pirate Ship, Cat Condo, and Kitty Race Car. We hope these changes continue creating more and more satisfied kitties!


Cat Castle
Jamie N.
Holly’s Castle

Holly loves her castle! I wasn’t sure if she would like it, she’s a weird cat, she doesn’t like anything new or change. To my absolute surprise she went right in and didn’t come for a long time. I believe this is her favorite place now. This was Holly’s birthday present, she’s 16 years old.

Cat Castle
Stefanie Young
It’s cute but small

It’s easy to put together but not big enough for an adult cat.

Cat Puzzle Feeder
Karine Towner
Macie Loves It

This is such a cool idea. I like that it comes with four different top designs. Thank you so much 😻😻😻😻

Cat Castle
M. Calderon
Princess Has a Castle

Mila loves her Cardboard Cat castle. She’s 5 months old and is already a princess. The castle was easy to assemble and she loves it!

Cat Castle
Sumaiyah Noor
Perfect for chicken!

My kitty, chicken LOVES his castle 🏰 He loves the top the best but he goes in when he’s hiding and playing. I love that he can scratch it and chew it as he pleases because he’s been choosing it over scratching my bag! This was gifted to me but I do plan on buying one myself for his birthday!

Aye Aye Kitty Cat!!

Love it! Fun design, sturdy, more than one cat can enjoy the cat box! I also love how you can have their name engraved into it.

Cat Condo
Valerie Acee
Strong and well made.

Great little hidey hole. Kitties love it. Louie is 18lbs and it holds him. Very well made!