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Kitty House
Too little for my big cats, perfect for my littlest one

I have loved these adorable cardboard homes for cats, and when there was a really great sale, I jumped on it and bought one. Although my 3 cats are cardboard connoisseurs, they didn’t use this one nearly as much. That is, until today when I decided to move the box and add fresh cat nip! Now my youngest and smallest (11 pds), Gamora, has decided that it’s great for her! She is a tiny kitty, so she’s perfect for it. My boys, Rocket and Quill, are about 14 pds and are bigger, older kitties. She has loved being inside of this on and off today. Even the boys tried it, but they hardly fit. I guess as long as I add cat nip to it, they will come! This one is super cute and sturdy. If it was just a bit larger it would be perfect!


Oliver and Beau love their pirate ship. I couldn't find Beau yesterday. That is because he was taking a nap below deck. I might love it more than both of them because it makes me laugh out loud when I see either of them on it. Very well made and strong. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. Oliver is 21 pounds and Beau is 14.

Great creative concept- glad you’re still in business!

I purchased two cat homes (Cat Condo for our single cat and Cat Mansion for my niece’s two cats), in Dec. 2021 as holiday gifts. The cats all love them and they have held up well.
I purchased two Pirate Ships and a scratcher when I got the email that the company was closing. I’m saving those for this Christmas so unfortunately I’m not able to review this most recent purchase yet. I’m very happy to learn that Cardboard Cat Homes will stay in business. I personally would not go to the trouble of purchasing a pattern and cardboard and having it cut or cutting it myself! Thank you!

Cat Castle
Barbara Melton
Easy to put together

I got the house and the castle, personalized for each of my two kitties. I'm sorry if spatially challenged, so even with knowing the dimensions, something like "large cat" "medium cat" "small cat" would be very helpful. Fortunately my cats can't read (probably) so they don't care that the names on their houses are reversed. The love the houses anyway.

Cat Mansion
Kimberly Barker
My cat really likes this!

Wasn’t sure this would really be worth the price, but my cat is really enjoying her special new hiding place on level one and playing up on level two of the castle. Easy to put together and very cute!

Arrgh mateys!

The pirate ship is great. Large enough and sturdy enough for my 16 pound offset and really adorable too!

Cat Castle
Stephanie Tulman
Fit for a Queen!

I ordered this castle mainly for my Penny girl, but also her siblings, Gracie and Cooper. Penny has advanced heart disease and I'm getting her all the wonderful things to enjoy while she can. Thanks for making this for her! She loves it!

Cat Mansion
My Bruce loves his cat mansion ❤️

My sweet Bruce loves sleeping downstairs and plays on the top. It's super sturdy, and he loves it, and he loves going in-and-out of the top and bottom.

Cat Condo
Janet Zube-Arrington
Sturdy enough for my chunky boy

Easy to put together, and I love the double-strength of the roof! Our youngest (and biggest at about 20 pounds!) cat Finn can hang out on it without fear of collapse! So glad we bought this house!

Kitty Pirate Ship
Tanya Johnson
Wonderful toy for our shelter cats

We received the Pirate Ship. The shelter cats are having so much fun, and it is the strongest cardboard cat house that we have ever had. Well worth the money!

Kitty Pirate Ship
Cassie Wingerter
Love it! 🏴‍☠️

It’s very sturdy and my cats are obsessed it! It’s super cute and well made! Would make the purrfect cat gift!

Cat Castle
Stephanie Ayars
JIGGLES is all GIGGLES in her new cat castle!

My mom recently rescued a 1.5-year old cat who has a lot of energy… and keeping her entertained can be a challenge. I learned about Cardboard Cat Homes on Instagram and I decided to get my mom and JIGGLES a “welcome to your new home” gift. She loves it! I think she thinks she is a princess, which of course she IS, sitting in her very own castle! Easy to assemble and sturdy quality product.

Cat Mansion
Jordan Hetrick
The Vampire Queen’s Castle

After getting a Christmas theme gingerbread cat house for our cat Marceline, she was upset when we had to disassemble it at the beginning of the year to save it for next year. We knew we had to get her something to replace the cat house, and we definitely found it with this cat house. As soon as it arrived and we tried to build it, she kept trying to get in it and inspect every inch. Now that it’s finished she always runs to it when she is ready to play. The house is so well constructed that it’s able to handle Marcy’s cat shenanigans. We still plan on painting it, but regardless the house is still cute as is. We will definitely order another house in the future!

Kitty Pirate Ship
Teresa Thomas
He loves it!

Bought the pirate ship and cat home for my cat, Pookie, who loves cardboard and I wake up every morning to see him sleeping in the pirate ship waiting for me to get up. 10/10 loves being able to give himself scratches with the edges and the shade it gives him to sleep. Honestly took my cat about 2 weeks to actually use them but who’s cat doesn’t ignore the thing you think they’ll love? But now he loves it and I’m happy he can enjoy it for something other than the design (like I do). I ordered the houses in the midst of the holidays and sent a couple of questions about shipping to their Instagram page and got a fast and knowledgeable response. Along with swapping some messages to enjoy the holidays their attitude was all positive and I can’t wait to see them grow as time goes!

Kitty Race Car
Paige Durante

My two cats love the kitty racecar, definitely helped when you have a teething kitten to have a cardboard box to help with them biting everything haha. My older cat that’s 11 Loves sleeping in it.

Kitty House
Alejandro Iglesias
I’m love

My cats love this House

Kitty House
Chelsae Zech
Awesome Cat house

Very sturdy cat house and was easy to put together. My cats absolutely love it!

Cat Condo
Kayle Pauline
Great quality and customer service

I bought this as a xmas gift for my kitties and when I put it together I noticed a piece was missing. Even though it was 6 weeks after I bought it, the company's customer service was amazing and shipped out the missing piece within a few days. My babies absolutely love this house (especially my 20 lb boy who lounges on top all day). So far there are no signs of sinking or bending under his weight. I cut up some old corrugated cardboard scratchers to put inside and on top and its absolutely perfect. 10000% will shop again.

A Loved Place to Nap

Elsa LOVES this pretty house and it's stopped her from sleeping on the chairs, thus reducing excess hair cleaning duties.

Cat Castle
Easy to set up and very stable!

The cardboard was easy to fold and I was done putting Castle Fluffington together in about 20mins.
Still holding up after 2 weeks. I recommend making shallow cuts on where the pieces intercept and gluing them down if your cats are prone to pushing on the sides when laying down.
Both of my cats love it!

Really fun!

So far my cats and bunny have enjoyed exploring this ship! I can’t leave with bunny or she’d chew up quickly but it gives her some extra stimulation and play.

My big cats loved it

I was a little worried as some reviews mentioned that it was too small. I have a mix of all sized cats and can confirm that a 15 pound cat can and did sleep inside all day and the roof handled several strong jumps from a 12 pounder. The double roof panels really add support. The cats rotated through and on this all day. It may have been helped by the included cat nip. All I can say is this is the only toy I have bought that every single one of them enjoys. The only problem is which to buy next!

Kitty Pirate Ship
Elijah Peck
Terrific Design!

My kitty Squirtle absolutely loves her new pirate ship. The double-layered top deck is quite sturdy and we couldn’t be happier with the adorable design. Thanks for the early Christmas present for my sweet girl!


The pirate ship was easy to put together and it’s very sturdy, no problem holding my big boy Diesel. Included catnip was perfect and added to Diesel’s curiosity, he started checking it out right away, sticking his head inside and then climbing on top. He was pleased! Great design and very well made, customization looks great. Will buy another design in the future!

Happy Girl

My Willow absolutely loves her new cardboard puzzle feeder… she does exactly what they advertise. And they also send along a special treat for the fur babies. Will definitely make another purchase