Cardboard Cat Homes was created one day with an observation 🐱

Whenever we would buy toys or goodies for our cats, they always seem to prefer the cardboard box the toys came in rather than the toys themselves. We asked ourselves, "why not give cats what they really want, but make them cute enough to satisfy the humans?" Thus, Cardboard Cat Homes was born.

Here at Cardboard Cat Homes our mission is simple 🐈

Create adorable and sustainable products that are loved by humans and kitties alike.Cats love our cardboard homes because of the many properties of cardboard that make it so cozy for cats, such as the tree bark-like texture that makes it super appealing to sink claws into (so they don't have to do it into your expensive furniture). Humans love our products because they're super reasonably priced, adorable enough to not cause an eyesore in your home, and most importantly - because your feline friends love them!

Giving back to the feline community 😻

On top of thinking of our furry felines that already have their furever homes, we also have the luxury of being able to help those cats in need that are still looking for a furever home of their own. To give back to our feline community we work closely with shelters, aiming to donate to shelters across the country.