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Can Cats Eat Cardboard?

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Cats love chewing on cardboard, but is it safe for them? It's perfectly healthy as long as they're not actually swallowing it. If your cat eats a little bit of cardboard that's no problem at all! However eating too much can cause stomach and intestinal problems which might back up their intestines. Inorganic materials like this could block up their system entirely so make sure to keep an eye on the litter box if you know your furry friend has been munching away on some old boxes or packaging lately-you don't want him getting stuck in his own messes now do you?!


Things to watch out for:

Even though it’s mostly safe, you definitely want to keep an eye out for certain things when your cat won’t put the cardboard box down.

Sharp edges and embedded metal

While we all love our kitties, they can be pretty destructive. One of the more common ways that cats get into trouble is by chewing on things like cardboard boxes or wires which are usually found in your home office. It's important for you as an owner to make sure that any sharp objects around your house aren't in easy reach for Kitty-Kitty but don't worry because there are plenty of other options available too like paper balls, feathers, lasers (those little red ones) - really whatever gets their attention without putting them at risk! Just make sure if it has anything with metal edges then take those out. Cardboard usually isn’t sharp but it can come with things that are so always keep an eye out.

Dangerous chemicals

You may have heard that many types of cardboard packaging come with numerous ingredients which could be dangerous for your kitten. From plastic and metal linings to colorful but toxic dyes, you should make sure your kitty isn't ingesting something toxic.

Stress or Boredom

Is your cat eating cardboard? You might be stressing out about it but don't forget that there are many reasons for this. Kittens in particular may eat things like paper and string because of Pica Syndrome, a condition where they can’t resist the urge to chew anything edible-looking enough! Usually kittens grow out of it as they get older so if you're taking care to keep them comfortable and well played with then all should be fine. But make sure not to take any chances or let their chewing habits go unchecked!

If your kitty is constantly begging at every corner store window or stalking down long hallways hoping someone will come through the door soon, maybe it's time for some new toys around here.

What should I do?

There are a few things that you can do to help keep your cat safe when chewing on cardboard. You should make sure it's not harmful, like keeping them away from any ink or chemicals they might be able to ingest and checking the materials for anything dangerous before giving it to him/her as well. But on top of those tips there is actually something else really important about cats chewing on paper; studies have shown that some types of plastic may cause cancer in our furry little friends so we want to give them plenty of other alternatives!

Other than making sure your kitty doesn't swallow too much cardboard, making sure their environment is stimulating enough without being over-stimulating (too many toys), and looking out for signs if stress such as excessive grooming is really all you can do.

If they’re leaving teeth marks on something important, you can redirect their behavior with extended play sessions, new toys, or just similar items you wouldn’t mind seeing shredded on the floor. Cats are also highly motivated by treats and catnip. They won’t really responded to punishment so a stern talk won’t do much. Finding alternatives and distractions is your next step to get them to behave better.

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My cat has been playing in a cardboard box a few weeks his eyes have holes and bad rash around both eyes very red and bleeding
Got drops clingy eye cleaner for cats could it be from the cardboard boxes

Sandy patterson

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