Cacao Pets Cat Tank Review
Cacao Pets has always had amazing designs for cardboard cat playhouses. The Cacao Pets Cat Tank is quite a special play structure. The cat tank surpasses all expectations but comes with a high price tag and slow shipping. Our cats loved it. Read more for the full review below.
Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post Review
In a world of boring cat furniture, why not add a cactus cat scratching post to your collection? We’re reviewing the Frisco Cactus Cat Scratching Post available from several major pet retailers. Ultimately, we enjoyed this cat scratcher and if budget isn’t a concern, you should consider picking one up yourself. You may be able to find a cheaper scratching post that better meets your needs but you certainly won’t find any others shaped like a cactus!
Petco Cat Carrier Review
We’re reviewing the Petco Cardboard Cat Carrier. Overall, we found the cardboard cat carrier to be a great product and definitely worthy of a look if you're in need of a temporary carrier. We have the full review below.